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Leadership & Supervision   

§  360-Degree Leadership Skills For Managers 

§  Achieving Corporate Excellence through Dynamic Leadership & Entrepreneurship 

§  Effective Supervisory Skills & Personal Development for Middle Management & Executives 

§  Effective Supervisory Skills: TAKE THE LEAD! 

§  Essential Leadership Skills For Supervisors and Managers 

§  Leading In Crisis - Taking Command & Control of Crisis Situation & Communication 

§  Management Development Program 

§  Popular Leadership! 

§  Strategic Management and Leadership 

§  The Productive Supervisor 


Sales & Marketing 

§  30 Days Sales Challenge Program 

§  Acquiring and Maintaining Corporate Customers and Major Accounts 

§  Conquering Sales Closing 

§  Doing Sales Blindly — Sales Improvement Techniques 

§  Improve Sales Skill Using NLP Techniques 

§  Leading and Managing Your Sales Team to Higher Sales Productivity 

§  Power Pack Sales Workshop 

§  Relationship Selling 

§  Social Media Marketing & Communication 

§  Social Media Marketing — Elevate Business Globally 


Communication & Interpersonal 

§  Business English Communication 

§  Communication & Emotional Intelligence: Winning Them Over! 

§  Conflicts & Differing Cultures at Workplace: Are We Communicating Effectively? 

§  Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders 

§  Developing Workplace Interaction & Interpersonal Skills 

§  English Communication Skills at Workplace 

§  From Conflict to Collaboration 

§  Influential Communication at Work 

§  Speak English with Confidence 

§  Speak it Right! 

§  The Colored Brain Communication Strategies 

§  The Power of Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills for Professional 

§  Towards 5-Star Communication Skills in Providing Excellent Service 


Presentation & Public Speaking Skills 

§  Inspiring Public Speaking & Presentation Skills 

§  Platform Power! 

§  Power Business Presentation — Personal Branding & Image 

§  Powerful Presentation Skills 

§  Speak & Be Heard! 


Negotiation Skills 

§  Business Negotiation Skills 

§  Negotiation Techniques That Bring Results 

§  Strategic Sales Negotiation for Profit 

§  Tactical Negotiation and Influencing Skills for Business Success 

§  Win-Win Negotiation Skills 


Customer Service 

§  Complaints Management: Customer Feedback & Complaint Handling 

§  Creating Lasting Impressions Even in the Most Challenged Situation 

§  Customer Centric Service — The Business Success Factor 

§  Customer Relationship Management — Art of Customer Retention 

§  Handling Difficult Customers with a Smile 

§  Impressing Customers at First Sight 

§  Romancing the Customer 

§  Servicing at Call Centers 

§  Towards Addressing the Needs of Difficult Customers through Effective Communication 

§  Towards Excellent Customer Service through Effective Communication 



§  Results Driven Team Building 

§  Bringing out the Best in You: 

§  High Impact Team Synergy  

§  Outdoor Team-Building Program 

§  Team-building: Shoulder-2-Shoulder 

§  Unity Through Diversity 


Creative Thinking & Problem Solving 

§  A Positive Approach to Root Cause Analysis (RCA) 

§  Box Breaking Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills 

§  Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Workshop 

§  Synergized Problem Solving Using Analytical & Creative Thinking 


Time & Stress Management 

§  Effective Stress Management by Global Education Village 

§  Executive Stress Management - Transforming Business Pressure Into Productive Energy 

§  Manage Time & Achieve Results 

§  Stress Management: Are We Managing Stress Effectively? 

§  Time & Stress Management — Enhance, Organize & Performed 


Personal Development & Motivation 

§  Be Alive — Unleash The Magic in You! 

§  Boost your Self-Confidence! 

§  Breakthrough You! (Behavioral Development Technology) 

§  Dimensions of A Top Achiever 

§  Emotional Intelligence 

§  Positive Work Attitude – The Key to Higher Productivity 


Business Etiquette 

§  Corporate Grooming and Etiquette 

§  Corporate Grooming & Business Etiquette Workshop 

§  Email Etiquette 

§  Ethics at Workplace 

§  Grooming Etiquette and Understanding Personality Workshop 

§  Proper and Effective Telephone Etiquette at Work Place 

§  Writing Effective Emails 



§  Colored Brain Communication Trainer Certification 

§  Fundamental of Train-The-Trainer 

§  Instructor Training Program 

§  Train-the-Trainer (TTT) — Effective Training & Facilitation Skills 


Writing Skills 

§  Effective Business Writing Skill for Professionals 

§  Effective Report Writing for Business 

§  Writing Great Business Reports 


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